Getting Started

Hi and welcome

You've probably visited this web site in your search for a math tutor, if so you've come to the right place.  The website contains information you will require in reaching your decision to use a private tutor.  Although I take students predominantly from the Sevenoaks area I am quite happy to take students from further afield as long as they able to travel to me.

On the front Welcome page you will see the tutorials I offer and more information about my background and qualifications, as well as a little more about my character/philosphy in regard to teaching. In the My Background section I also list the agencies I am registered with.

In the link Questions you will find answers to most often posed on first enquiry.  Answers to such questions as "Do you have a current CRB certificate?"  to which the answer is "yes."  "Am I qualified to teach?", again the answer is "yes".

In the link Fees my fees are clearly set out and I think are reasonably set.  On the first booking you can take advantage of the special £20 session offer, this is a good way to test the water.

The remainder of the website has sections for the benefit of students and parents.  Including academic links and math puzzles.

Don 't hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any point or book a session by either  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or  call 01959 524573 or mobile 07919 524747

"... A good education may not buy you the keys to happiness - but it will generally buy you the keys to a nice house and a halfway decent car!..." (Me!)

As you are aware there are limited tutorial times for myself and other tutors, so its a good idea to make your enquiries early in order not to be disappointed.