answers to questions often asked by parents...

answers to questions often asked by parents...

Are you insured?

 Yes, I have Professional indemnity and Public Liability Insurance


Are you a member of any Professional Bodies?



 Association of Teachers and lecturers.

 Association of Teachers of Mathematics.


Do I need to buy any books or equipment?


 No, I provide all books or equipment required.


Do you have a current CRB?


 Yes, I possess the Enhanced Disclosure Certificate - one that is required by teachers.

 The certificate is issued permanently but I update mine every two years.

 It was last updated this year, 2011.

 Please ask to see this when attending the first tutorial.


Typically how many lessons would my child need?


 This varies from a few lessons to regular tuition, depending on you and your child’s requirements. 

 This is usually best discussed after an introductory lesson has taken place.


Are you qualified to teach?


Yes, I hold a Bachelor of Education for Secondary Teaching and a Diploma in Education for Special Needs.


What age groups have you taught?


 From 9yrs to 18 yrs.


How much will it cost?


 An Introductory lesson costs £20 and then the costs vary according to the number of lessons you choose, following our post Introductory lesson discussion together. Multiple lesson bookings are discounted.


Where do you tutor?


 Tuition takes place at my home/office.  Being partially sighted I don’t drive.


Do you do home tuition?


 No students generally come to me. See above.


Do you guarantee to get a pupil an exam pass?


 I obviously can’t guarantee an exam pass but I will do anything I can to assist the child to obtain their maximum potential.


Typically reasons parents approach me.


 Children struggling within their general school work.

 Concerns about 11+ and GCSE grades.

 Need to improve on an existing GCSE grade.

 Problems in knowledge following a change of school.


Comments from past students


 Mrs B, Maidstone, Kent

 "Brian is an excellent tutor. He understands a childs' reticence at asking awkward questions, the ones that hate to be asked. He explains all problems, calmly and patiently and is always reassuring in his manner. This approach is ideal for anyone feeling wobbly about maths - he helps to create confidence in the subject and this of course, always contributes towards future success for his students."


Mrs K, Sevenoaks, Kent

 "Thank you for all the help and input with my son's GCSE Maths revision over the last few weeks. You are a very kind, helpful teacher who goes all the way and more to help the student gain knowledge in the areas they most need. My son enjoyed every lesson. Thanks again."

Mrs C, Sevenoaks, Kent

 "My son finds that his teacher at school doesn't always take the time to explain things but Mr Cairnie seems to have a knack of putting GCSE maths across in such a way that really works for my son who is now so much more confident in maths lessons."

Mrs M, Sevenoaks, Kent

 "My son's primary school don't seem to spend very much time on non-verbal reasoning which my son found a total mystery. Now, thanks to Brian's help he is consistently scoring in the high 80's and 90's on the sample tests. His maths and verbal reasoning have also improved a lot, so we hope he will do well in his 11+."


Can a pupil approach you after the lesson?


 Yes, but I would prefer all contact to be made by the parent or guardian.


Have you any online resources?


 Yes there are some puzzles and activities on my website and also some revision notes.


Do you give homework?


 Not generally, but I can if the parent requires it.


Do you give the parents regular feedback?


 Yes, I give regular feedback via Email on general progress and any marks attained in exercises and tests.


Do you have an option for online working?


 This is possible but at present it has never been requested.